Cloud service█

Getting started

The EndBASIC service is a simple cloud-based file sharing service that lets you maintain and share your creations with the world, right from the EndBASIC command line.

Once you have created an account, all you have to do is type LOGIN "username" to log into your account:

LOGIN "jmmv"
Password: ********

Welcome back, jmmv! It's good to see you again.
-----  END SERVER MOTD  -----

Your drive

After a successful log in, the EndBASIC client will mount the CLOUD: drive, which is your personal space to hold files in the cloud. Any files stored in this drive are private to you by default, but they can be shared with others with ease using the SHARE command.


    Directory of CLOUD:/

    Modified              Size    Name
    2021-06-25 13:51       116    thanks.bas
    2021-06-25 13:50       103    welcome.bas

    2 file(s), 219 bytes
    65317 of 65536 bytes free

Other people’s drives

Right after a successful login, you will see the list of users in the system that have shared files with you (either directly or with the general public). Say one of those users is xyz and you want to access their shiny files. You would do something like this:

MOUNT "X", "cloud://xyz"
CD "X:"

    Directory of X:/

    Modified              Size    Name
    2021-06-27 12:15       980    the shared file.bas

    1 file(s), 980 bytes

Privacy and security notes

EndBASIC is, right now, a toy project. While I have tried my best to keep the service secure and private, I ask that you do not store any sensitive information in this service.

More specifically:

  1. Your user account is managed by Azure Active Directory and your data is stored in an Azure Data database. Read the Azure Encryption documentation for more details on what this entails.

  2. I collect high-level metadata on all requests to the cloud service for troubleshooting and data analytics purposes. Details include the contacted API endpoint, the client IP address, and the originating browser agent among others. The logs do not include the request payloads, but obviously the database does.

  3. You can update your account’s information or permanently delete your account and all information associated with it. Contact me and I’ll be happy to assist you; I haven’t had a chance to build those features in the interface yet.

  4. Your email address collected during the sign-up process will only be used for service-related communications. It will never be given to third-parties (except to Azure Active Directory, which is the component collecting it).