Remember: you do not have to download EndBASIC to play with it.
You can click here to open up a fully-local, browser-based session!

Launch interpreter

Binary releases

The latest version of EndBASIC is 0.8.0 and was released on 2021-11-11.

OS Platform Link
Linux x86_64 endbasic-0.8.0-linux-x86_64-sdl.tgz
macOS x86_64 endbasic-0.8.0-macos-x86_64-sdl.tgz
Windows x86_64
Linux Raspberry Pi (ARM v7) endbasic-0.8.0-linux-armv7-rpi.tgz

For more details visit the release page on GitHub.

Source installation

You may also choose to install from source if none of the above work for you, in which case simply type the following in your terminal:

cargo install endbasic

You will need to have a Rust toolchain installed for the above to work. Get started at: