New blog and a call for beta-testing█

Dear EndBASIC enthusiasts!

In preparation for the imminent 0.11 release, which needs some beta-testing right now, I have created a brand-new “blog” section in the EndBASIC website.

As you might now, I had been previously posting EndBASIC-related content to my personal blog but… such articles, especially release announcements, should have primarily lived in this site from the very beginning.

So, how will you receive notifications?

For outreach purposes, however, you may notice reposts of new content to my Substack publication, Blog System/5, and I’d recommend you subscribe to it if you haven’t yet wink, wink.

But now… time for the exciting request. I need beta-testers! EndBASIC 0.11 is pretty much feature complete and the main thing it includes is the much-requested support for custom functions and subroutines! That’s right, you can finally do stuff like this:

FUNCTION sum(a, b)
    sum = a + b

SUB print_sum(a, b)
    PRINT sum(a, b)

print_sum 5, 7

If you are curious and want to help with the beta-testing, head to the staging deployment right now! The built-in HELP documentations is up-to-date to describe these new features, and the documentation in this site will receive a facelift when 0.11 is out the door.

Psst, also try to run DISASM. You may like it.