BASIC interpreter + DOS environment, reimagined.

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BASIC interpreter

Learn and practice programming foundations via a simple and proven language. Inspired by Locomotive BASIC 1.1 and QuickBASIC 4.5.

DOS-like environment

Learn and practice computer interactions via an integrated command-line interface. Inspired by MS-DOS.

Web-native and cloud-powered

Run on the web and share your creations with friends via a free file sharing cloud service. No installation required.

Hardware interaction

Run on Linux, macOS, Windows, and more.
Control GPIO-attached hardware on your Raspberry Pi.

Retro-styled for focus

Go back to the basics. Focus on what matters via an intentionally-restricted interface that removes all distractions.

Open and embeddable

Built entirely in Rust with a minimalist modular design. Open source. Embed the interpreter into your own programs for just 700KB.